Frequently Asked Questions



Where are you located in relation to the University of Michigan campus? 

We are the closest storage facility to the University of Michigan Central Campus, about one mile from the center of The Diag. Just take a short drive south on State Street and Packard Street to Rosewood Street, then turn left past the RoosRoast Coffee Works.


How do students typically get their belongings to your facility? 

Most students load up a friend or parent's car. However, in the case of dorm students without any large items, a taxi service may be used. By far Uber and Lyft are the most popular for students without furniture. Uber and Lyft are the most popular choices for dorm students without large pieces of furniture. Uber has been the most popular choice for students without oversized items.  Uber and Lyft are the most popular option. SUVs or mini-vans can be requested. Yellow Cab has a few SUVs if you request them (734) 663-3355. Zipcar has become a popular option. Find more information at or call 1-(866)-494-7227. For students desiring professional movers we recommend We Haul Michigan (734) 383-5529


What if I need storage for FALL term as  well?

Please contact our office for a very special rate for those students also needing FALL storage until the start of next WINTER term.


What does the special cover? 

The special covers rent on your unit from any time in April 2023 until FALL term begins August 28, 2023


Are there any special rules? 

Only a few:

1) Please do not store any mothballs with your belongings. Cedar balls or blocks are a safe, effective, non-toxic alternative.

2) Please defrost mini-fridges before storage. Melting ice can cause damage to your belongings.

3) Carts are for use on the premises only. They may not be borrowed or rented.

4) We have no dumpster or trash services. Please dispose of all unwanted items elsewhere.

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