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Student Specials

One price from April 10 until September 9, 2018 (excluding assigned parking)

3x4x4           $179 (48 cubic ft) Great for the dorm student! Boxes, mini fridge, clothes,electronics.
4x4x4           $199 (64 cubic ft) For the dorm student with more than average amount of items. (25% larger than our 3x4x4)

4x4x8           $279 (128 cubic ft) Carpet roll, Futon perhaps, desk chair, tall lamp, lots of boxes or 2 dorm students can share.

5x5x8           $309 (200 cubic ft) Full size mattress, small desk or dresser, perhaps a bike or 3 dorm students can share.  (35% larger than our 4x4x8)
5x10x8         $429 (400 cubic ft) Queen size mattress fits here, contents of a one bedroom apartment. 4-5 dorm students could fit in here.

5x15x8         $549 (600 cubic ft) The contents of a two bedroom apartment fits here
Car Storage $199 (Outdoor) Storage Lot: 8 foot privacy fencing, lighted at night, locked gate. Storage only not accessible.

Parking        $199 (Outdoor) Easily accessible assigned parking spaces along side of our building* (This lease begins 05/01/17 and ends 8/31/18)



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Student Special