Student Specials

       Winter Term Student SPECIALS  -   December 10, 2022 to April 30, 2023

3x4x4      $219  (48 cubic ft) = Boxes, mini fridge. clothes. electronics. Perfect for a dorm student with a normal amount.

4x4x4         $239 (64 cubic ft) = Clothes bins, mini fridge, books/boxes, 25% larger than a 3x4. Dorm student with a bit more

4x4x8      $339 (128 cubic ft) = Carpet roll, small futon or bed topper, desk chair, floor lamp OR (2) dorm students to share.

5x5x8       $379 (200 cubic ft) = Full size matress, small desk or dresser, bike OR (2) dorm students with more can share.      

5x10 x8   $499 (400 cubic ft) = Queen size matress, contents of a small one bedroom aartment OR (3-4) dorm students

5x15x8   $649 (600 cubic ft) = Fits the contents of a modest two bedroom apartment                                                             



Student Special

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